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Favors That Your Guests Will Love

After attending an event, do you expect to receive a parting gift? If so, what type of gift makes the event unforgettable for you--Food? Promotional? Utilitarian?

At weddings, guests can almost count on receiving a small box of chocolates, candied almonds, or mini beverage bottles as a “Thank You” gift from the newlywed couple. For corporate event attendees, reusable tote bags, branded pens, Post-it notes, or notepads tend to reign supreme. But what if the favor you give at your event could make it truly memorable?

Providing gifts that your guests can use again and again will surely cement your event in their mind. Need some gifts to consider? Keep reading!

Custom Luggage Tags

Be it for leisure or business, everyone travels. Thus, everyone needs a way to identify their luggage in a busy airport, train station, or bus station. Enter luggage tags! With custom luggage tags, your guests will have a product that has a dual purpose--identify their luggage & evoke memories of a great time. It's a win/win! Visit this Etsy shop to view different luggage tag designs.


If you’re hosting a green event, I cannot think of a more appropriate gift to offer your guests than low-maintenance plant life. Succulents are an awesome gift idea because they come in so many varieties, sizes, and colors and need next to no care. Plus they look great in the office and at home. To find out more about the different varieties of succulents, read this blog post by FTD. To place an order, check out the Etsy shop, BeautiFlorist.

Stemless Wine Glasses

Years ago, I received two stemless wine glasses at a wedding I was a guest at. Each time I use them, I remember how I, my husband, and the other guests line danced the night away! Wouldn’t you want you guests to have the same feeling? Plus, now and days, the glasses don’t even have to be glass. They come in various materials such as plastic and silicone. To view AllGiftShop's selection of custom stemless wine glasses, visit their online storefront.


If you are hosting an outdoor fall or winter event, providing a blanket to each guest is more than a nice gift--it’s a necessity! It would be quite the faux pas to seat 100 guests outside in less than welcoming weather and not provide a way for them to warm themselves.

Aside from providing warmth at your event, the blankets will also provide warmth at your guests' home. By adding a custom monogram or design to the blanket, they will be sure to remember the day that they danced the night away celebrating you. Visit here to order customized blankets for your big day.

Do you have any ideas for awesome favors? Email me at and tell me all about your ideas!

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