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Lisa Staggers, Principal Planner

Hey ya'll!

I'm Lisa, owner & principal planner of Purple Crane.  I am a native South Carolinian, wife to an extremely talented photographer and an 80's pop trivia nerd. My event planning  journey began in the early 2000's when I started planning destination vacations for friends & family.  After obtaining my marketing degree, my career path led me to planning & coordinating government and civic events.  While many event planners are self-taught, I continued to further my education in the event industry by becoming formally trained in Meeting & Event Planning at the University of North Carolina, joining MPI--the largest meeting & event planning professional network in the world, and commencing course to obtain my CSEP (Certified Special Events Professional) designation. My formal event planning education and near-decade of experience allows me to remove the burden of planning the perfect event from my clients and give them the gift of time back.

Wedding Planner Columbia, SC
Day of Coordinator Columbia, SC

I am a self-professed busy body with a severe case of wanderlust and fueled by copious amounts of caffeine (Starbucks, anyone?).  When I'm not planning events or furthering my education, you can certainly spot me enjoying the sand and surf on South Carolina's coast, perusing the squares of downtown Savannah, Georgia, or treasure hunting in local consignment & antique shops.  I can't say "no" to 90's sitcoms, palmetto tree artwork, magnolia trees (they smell SO good!), 80's soft rock, and Sour Patch Kids candy.

Contact me today and tell me about your event vision and how I can help you make it come true!

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